During my scabrous schooling,  I only waited for a bird to come and perch at the edge of the window and take me with him, far from so much restraint and confinement, I was inevitably attracted to art. The important thing is to find your place in the group right ?


Between the stage to play-acting, music or to sing my heart hesitates. Where he stops any pendelum swing, it is certainly for a beautiful image. For photography. It is in the black forest, as a child that I enjoy the kindness of this good man, Heinz, who offers me my first camera. At home with my mother for the holidays, he offers me a morning between men and takes me to his treasure cellar, the reserve of his electronics company.


There, after making me wait with eyes closed, he invites me to open them on a surprising Germanic jingle. In his hands a box … I open it … Miracle! A new camera. I remember being so surprised of his present, for no particular reason. He could not imagine how much his gift would make me happy, and indirectly,  many other people. From one thing to another, from adventures around the world to meetings, photography took a major place in my life. My style became more refined and I soon discovered that I loved photographing people.


All of us touch me: faces, bodies, expressions, paradoxes, feelings. Between my family, my friends, my quest for more wisdom, photography, writing, reading, dancing, music, walks in the forest, traveling, here I am the happiest man of my world.



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